Whatever the occasion UNCLE LARRYS can suit your event.

All of our catering services are tailored to meet our customers’ individual requirements. We treat each event as a “special event’ and can blend your ideas into our menu. As a team we have over 15 years experience within the private and corporate catering industry. We cater for every event from dinner parties and weddings to corporate events and Christmas and birthday parties

Always laughing Larry Clarke, from Jamaica to New Zealand by way of New York, provides Auckland and beyond with his popular jerk chicken and delicious patties.

Food represents the heartbeat of any culture and Larry Clark is sharing the heart of Jamaica with his delicious home cooking. You’ll taste the love of the island in Uncle Larry’s patties and iconic dishes—the flavors will transport you, the spice will surprise you, and you’ll be all smiles because this is good food.

Learn more about Uncle Larry from the New Zealand Herald spotlight From Home Cook to Businessman


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